Sunday, June 26, 2011

3C Complex Petting Zoo, Subang Jaya ( FREE )

I took these photos at 3C complex Subang Jaya, its a quiet n spacious place , this petting area
open from Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-1pm.
I dont see anyone taking care of that place so I just feed the goat some leaves.. haha
The goats are funny and got alot of  them , I dont dare to go near the ostrich , kinda scary cause its too big,
There are some other reptiles too , but dont put too high expectation its a really small petting zoo , and 90% animals are shown here, but it worth visiting though if you cant figure out where to go. Oh ya, there are also
library there and some other activities. Have a look , maybe the local council will do a proper
maintenance once the numbers of visitors start to grow , maybe some of you could elect me to handle the maintenance there =p , then you guys will have all sorts of fishes and animals and nicer environment..
Take care , and sorry for the lack of postings due to exams ...
God Bless Everyone! =)

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ellozz! Sorry for being out for whole month, been slacking too much , actually i wanted to post this quite sometimes but doesnt wanna do so till i have enough information =) . Oh ya ! just a reminder to readers from other countries , what I am writing is from my experience in my own country , i've never travel to any country b4 to visit their agriculture/aquaculture or whatever farms n living things.. haha
So forgive me if what I am writing here is not helpful or informative enough to you ! =)
Alright , Lets Roll !
There are a lot of types of Kelah, ( Kelah referring to Mahseer ) the one which is famous in Malaysia as Empurau in Sabah N Sarawak is known as Kelah Merah in Semenanjung Malaysia, there are also other Kelah which is available in the market such as kelah biru n kelah hijau, these kelah are believe to be from our neighbouring country Thailand.
Even for the Kelah Merah itself have 2 types, that is Kelah Merah n one more is called Kelah Merah Bara. Let me show u guys the pictures.

 The one on the left is Kelah Merah Bara ( Fiery Red Mahseer) n one the right is Kelah Merah ( Red Mahseer). Forgive me for any mistakes, own translation.. hahaha =p

Fiery Red Mahseer

 See the differences? If you dont, go visit and local fish store or restaurants you will see the price differences =). 1Kg of frozen Kelah Merah goes for around RM200 in the restaurants and for live one i heard can goes up to Rm1600 perKg depending on the size of the fish, the bigger it is the higher price it can fetch =).
I've never tried one b4 but if anyone wanna share with me , CALL ME !
There are a lot of Kelah sanctuary now in Malaysia and one of the nearest to my place is Chilling Waterfalls in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor .
A lot of people started to rear this high-priced fish for commercial purpose, therefore its not that hard to find it in restaurant, one of the reason it is so high price maybe due to the time needed to grow this fish to 1kg, it takes about 3 yrs to reach 1 kg, Imagine the feeding cost.... and to catch this fishes you'll need to go deep inside the jungle with rocky waterfall n streams , this fish is extremely chooosy too, but from what I heard n see it worth the price =) . Have a try, I wish to share more bout sorry I just feel bad just taking videos n photos from other peoples... my mum just got herself a digicam from her company lucky draw so I will utilise it for all of us ok ! =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Xian Leng Aquatic, Shah Alam ( Pusat Akuarium Xian Leng, Shah Alam)

Heellooo =D , what a tiring day after futsal , but can't seem to fall asleep . Dear God I need you so much !
Okok , cut the craps !
Gonna share with everyone one of the largest aquarium shop i ever went to. Its called Xian Leng Aquatic located in Shah Alam. Xian Leng or Xian Leng Holding Berhad is listed on KLSE  as XLB . ( can't afford to open own aquarium shop? consider buying some shares in it ^^ ).
I went to this place last Sunday on the 13th of March with 2 little rascals , check out their photos later.. haha
There are plenty of varieties in this place and can find all types of fishes as well , from as low as rm0.50 till rm20,000 . It is a good place for a family weekend trip cause they have showroom which I think sponsored by Jabatan Perikanan. All types of fishes such as Arapaima, Redtail Catfish , Upside down Catfish , Arowanas, Kois .
I manage to buy 3 carps.. coz buy 2 free 1.. haha, can't afford to buy those lovely Japanes Kois yet ! But someday surely i'll have plenty of them .
For those saltwater fishes lovers , sorry la,, but all is freshwater only.. but there are plenty of equipment that you guys can get from here.. all sorts of pumps and feeder fishes oso... the prices is really reasonable and well kept. I survey alot of aquarium n pet shops in Klang Valley and I highly recommend this place , of coz some would say the prices in Jalan Pasar there would be cheaper, but for those that have experience from there would know the quality of the fishes there.
In case got tired... can always go walk around the walk n have some ice cream .. ^^ oh ya.. its right beside a waterpark only..  Let me share some photos with you guys ~! enjoy !

Friday, March 11, 2011

Malaysian Golden Arowana

Hye guys, this is my first post for this month , =D , feel like talking about arowana today , but not any Arowana ok ! Its Malaysian Golden Arowana ( my proud and beautiful country ^.^ ) . Every fish lovers will know about Arowana of course, its one of the most high price ornamental fish and every fish lover also deserve to KNOW the most beautiful Arowana comes from Malaysia and its called Malaysian Golden Arowana , some ppl may refer it to Gold Crossback, Blue Malayan or Bukit Merah Blue ( source:wikipedia ) but as locals we call it the BLUE BASE and certainly this is the type of breed native in Malaysia. The reason this Arowana is special is because the color is Gold in color and can see blue-ish or puple-ish from side too =) absolutely beautiful ! its very easy to tell the differences from the other species arowana cause other arowana commonly from Indonesia will be red color , banjar red, red tail , chilli red and etc. If any of you got a pure breed malaysian golden arowana , pls do share it with me cause it really HARD to find one . I not talking about indonesian arowana k. =D
Some common sickness with this fish are drop eye and curl gill.

As usual let me share some photos on our proud Malaysian Golden :

I got these pics from the net coz i cant afford one ! and i havent met a fren that like fishes.. hehe =p
but anway guys look at the lovely body and tail , no traces of RED , now u guys understand why is this fish so precious and beautiful, now you see what we got in Malaysia? =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Friend's Toy Poodle

Name: Wang Wang
Type: Dog
Breed: Toy Poodle
Colour: Red
Weight: 4 Kg
Age13 Months

Hey for those people that like dogs in the toy class well this is one that is extremely cute and doesnt shred much hairs =) . toy poodle is a very cute dog and very trainable as well , recently this dog have became a hot topic cause one of its kind named "SUSHI" got abused by apparently a Malaysian couple ( how many ppl in this world use rojak rite? Cantonese n Mandarin) . This video can be said is a reply to that video , Noob Samseng this is how u train a dog la ! =p

If you wanna keep a dog in a condominium or apartment or maybe inside your house , well this is one you can consider but please remember dog is a dog, treat it like a dog !
If we treat a dog like a dog we wont have any issue asking that dog to pee or poo anywhere we want to or following us, Maybe next time i'll share tips with you guys how to treat a dog and be the ALPHA , leader of the pack !Take care guys and loves you little Wang Wang =)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obedient - Chow Chow training

Here is a video of me commading my Chow-Chow name Fei Fei . =)
A lot of people in Malaysia says Chow Chow is a very difficult breed to train but i let all of you to watch this video and judge it yourself alright?

Training a dog require a lot patience and a little of time. Before getting yourself a dog of course you must be ready and commited in taking care of it , if not just get the robotic pets. =)
No offence but just to make everyone have a better life =)
A lot of Chinese says that in order to make a Dog remember and obey you must hit it hard enough to remember and this is so NOT TRUE . SO DO NOT EVER HIT YOUR DOG =)

Anyways  guys enjoy, and feel free to post up any question , Ciaoz and wait for my upcoming post ! i'll make sure i post up something more informative and will have a real video or photos of  it to show the honesty i apply in what I share. Take care guys and Happy Chinese New Year

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marble Goby aka Soon Hock aka Ketutu

Hi PeepZz,
Hows ur days been going. Hopefully all of you are doing as great as I am =) .
here goes my 2nd post , this time i wanna share one of my fishes , its well known to the chinese community as " Soon Hock" , don't get it mix up with our ex-national badminton hero Mr. Ong Soon Hock. =P
This is a pic of this tasty and expensive and sort after fish  =) .
Personally i have 4 of these fishes, going to kena "sembelih" during this 2011 Chinese New Year, haha.. nothing personal , just to share the result of my hobby and passion with my family members .
Here goes a little details about this fish,

Name: Oxyeleotris Marmorata (Soon Hock, Ketutu , Ubi , Hantu)
Environment: Normally Brackish water
Price: about RM100 Per Kg

I feed my Soon Hocks with comets and prawn.. i remember the first time i bought my Soon Hock, about 5 of them i went all the way to Kuala Selangor to get it, too bad they only manage to survive for 3 days due to certain issue, the 2nd time i got it from Ulu Klang and Thank God all manage to survive till today, the 1st day was challenging as I was still a newbie back then, the fishes started to discharge slimy things and keep jumping out from water and this indicate there's some issues with the water quality, I keep changing the water for whole night and manage to solve the water condition problem as well. =) and they are ready to be serve on my reunion dinner table... haha =)
ok Guys ! Thanks for reading , hope this would be helpful in your hobbies as well, I will share about my Arowana in my next posting... Feel free to leave comment or question, I'll try my best to answer all your questions !